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蓋婭方舟最強能量補給「Red Bull 能量飲料」
Red Bull能量飲料是一款可活化身心的機能性飲料,無論是長途駕駛、演講課堂、忙碌工作、全球頂尖運動員或玩電動遊戲、在派對狂歡時深受所有人的喜愛。
本次方舟之旅 Red Bull 提供專屬福利,於活動前6小時(17:00-23:00) Red Bull特調時段暢飲,給予所有travelers一對翅膀,登上方舟狂歡不停🤘
The strongest energy supply for the Gaia Ark – Red Bull Energy Drink
Red Bull Energy Drink is a functional beverage that can activate both the mind and body. It is loved by everyone, whether you’re driving long distances, giving speeches in class, working hard, being a top athlete, playing video games, or partying.
For this journey on the Ark, Red Bull is providing an exclusive benefit. From 17:00 to 23:00, travelers can enjoy unlimited Red Bull Vodka drinks, giving everyone wings to party non-stop on the Ark!
All travelers don’t miss out please, let’s meet at the party!