Sustainability 永續發展 – SPACEPORT

一張票種下一棵樹 Tree Planting


Planting trees is the most effective and environmentally friendly way to reduce temperature. SPACEPORT is committed to this goal and has already started planting nearly 50,000 trees around the world. The first #TeamGaia SPACEPORT Forest will be established in Hsinchu.


100%使用綠能發電 New Energy


SPACEPORT cooperates with SHINFOX ENERGY to insist on using 100% green electricity to power the concert. In 2022, SPACEPORT successfully held the world’s first outdoor music festival powered by green energy,using more than 100,000 of green electricity, and the use announcement was completed on T-REC .


終結一次性餐具REJECT Disposable tableware


SPACEPORT will not provide and prohibit travelers from carrying disposable tableware. We will provide rental of clean and disinfected tableware on site. SPACEPORT also welcome travelers to bring their own environmentally tableware.


回收塑膠重獲新生plastic recycling


All the cloth peripheral products of the SPACEPORT and the uniforms will be made of recycled PET bottles. In the 2022 concert, SPACEPORT has recycled almost 20,000 PET bottles, all links from recycling to manufacturing are internationally certified zero-pollution.


活動垃圾全分類Garbage classification


SPACEPORT promises will minimize waste as much as possible, and be willing to pay 170% of the cost of cleaning hours to sort all the garbage generated. SPACEPORT also has a zero-plastic commitment: using 100% compostable and degradable PLA garbage bags. They are made of 100% natural corn, which is the lightest material that can be made the closest to plastic bags.


企業廢料變身藝術裝置Trash into Art Deco


How could the SPACEPORT Music and Art Carnival be complete without various art installations?What sets us apart is that all of our art materials are made from recycled materials,transforming trash into beautiful and Instagrammable art installations! We welcome corporations to collaborate with us by providing waste materials.


不使用特效以及舞台景片reject special effects

不論是煙火、CO2(俗稱噴乾冰)、Confetti 紙花彩帶、冷煙火、噴火、噴水、泡泡機、雪花機、氣球或其他塑料製一次性道具。舞台也不會使用任何以造型為目的造景製作物。

Whether the fireworks, CO2, Confetti paper flower streamers, cold fireworks, fire, water, bubble, snow, balloons or other plastic disposable props. There will also be no use of any landscaping artifacts for styling purposes at the SPACEPORT.


不販售牛肉、牛奶nonsell cattle products


SPACEPORT will not be selling any beef products or milk beverages.